I am a big fan of DIY. However, I really am not the craftiest person in the world, but Pinterest sure helps with that!! Hahaha. I have come a long way with my craftiness, because I would rather do something myself than spend the money to buy something already done! Last year we bought our first house and have been here for a year now. The house itself had promise, but definitely needed some love and updating. The list was lengthy, but hubby and I weren’t intimidated. That man can do anything, he truly amazes me!

We quickly got to work right after moving in. The two things we wanted to do first: tear down the wood paneling on the living room back wall and remove the window in the dining room that looked out into the garage. Wood paneling, horrible!! Luckily it was only one wall and really easy to tear off. I had fun with that one! Then we had to sand and texture the wall, which was pretty easy.

It looks so much better!!

A window to the garage, makes sense, right?? No, it doesn’t. The garage used to be a car port, but it was converted into a garage when the garage was converted into a family room!! So, they did all of that other work, but left the window. Silly. It had to go! Thanks to help from our construction worker friend, Hubby and he had the window out, wall framed, and drywall in no time! So much better!!

Then we did some painting. Not as much as I wanted to get done, but man, painting is a lot of work!! It sounds all fun, but when you get down to it, it can take some time! The only room we got painted was the living room. We did the walls grey and I painted the fireplace portion a really pretty blue. I still need to paint down the hallway, but I hope to get that done this month…

Our biggest project was the kids bathroom. The floor was beyond ugly brown vinyl stick-on, the vanity was standard oak, the light fixture was outdated, and the walls were a plain white with a colorful fish border around the top. First thing we did was replace the toilet. It took about 10 gallons per flush, so we replaced it with a new, low-flow one. Then I painted the walls a lively green that my boys would love, painted the ceiling white, painted the door and trim, and painted the vanity white! Hubby replaced the light fixture. We scored big time on free tile! My sister had some leftover in her garage from when their previous owner replaced tile and it was enough for us to do the bathroom. I love free!! And hubby loved getting to buy all sorts of new tools to lay the tile himself!

Kids Bathroom

Now, it’s not entirely complete even a year later. Haha. We still need to put up the baseboard trim, put the trim around the mirror, and replace the faucet. But, it is still pretty and a heck of a lot better than what it used to be!!

Stay tuned for part two: what we plan to get done in the coming months!!