Today is a first in our lives: I am sitting home alone (except for LB of course), in a quiet, peaceful house, and all of the boys are at school. This is a memorable occasion. A happy occasion. A sad occasion. One I have been waiting for, but have been sad about too.

Monkey started Preschool today.

We have been talking preschool for about a year now and I knew this day would eventually come. Bug and Pickle both started part-time preschool when they were 3. They both attended through a state funded program and it was free. 2 years of preschool was fantastic for them. They had so much fun, made friends, and learned a lot. Last year when Monkey was 3, and at the “preschool starting age” we couldn’t afford it. We had just bought our house, life was hectic, and it wasn’t in the cards. But we still talked about it, knowing we would make it happen when we could.

Towards the end of last school year I started looking into preschools for him to start this fall. Wow, can you say expensive?? Even just the bare minimum, 2 days a week for 3 hours a day was more than we could afford. As much as I really wanted Monkey to go so he could socialize, have time away from me, learn, and have fun, it wasn’t a necessity. So once again, I gave up hope of him going. Then I was told about the preschool program through the local Rec Center. 2 days a week for 3 hours, for 10 weeks. That’ll work!! And the cost: the entire 10 week program cost the same as ONE MONTH at the cheapest preschool I had looked into.

At first I was a little hesitant:

  • Since it was through the rec center was the quality good?
  • Were they licensed?
  • Would it be a large class?

Through word of mouth I heard good things about it, so that made me feel better. And I knew since it was a preschool they had to follow licensing and the teachers were accredited. To my surprise, when I went online to register I discovered it was a small class of 12. Plus I knew if it was all that bad, I could always pull him out, or just suck it up for the 10 weeks and find something else after.

He has been looking forward to going all month, since the older boys started school. We talked about it almost daily and the excitement built up. I have to say I was a little nervous heading there this morning. I knew he would be fine, but I wasn’t sure how I was going to be!! I expected him to be maybe a little sad, a little hesitant for me to leave. But nope! He gave me a hug and a kiss, wished me goodbye, then went right back to his playdough! Wow! I cried a bit on the way home, I think I was more sad over the fact that he wasn’t sad!

So now I am just watching the clock, counting down the minutes until it is time to go pick him up. In a quiet, empty house; which makes me happy, but sad too. Time is going by, the boys are growing up…