Every year, one of our local radio stations does a 12 Days of Christmas bit. Listeners can nominate themselves or someone they know who could use a hand up and win $1000. For us, like many people, the holidays can be hard. We are a single income family of 5 and my husband works as hard as he can for us. We never splurge on Christmas for the boys, we keep it simple. We do not spoil the kids with tons of gifts. They get a few each and that’s all they need. Hubby and I never buy gifts for each other. We celebrate the season of love, family, giving, and making memories.

This year, I decided to nominate Hubby. Now, I know there are plenty of people out there who are less fortunate as us, and I am beyond thankful for all that we have. But that does not mean he is not as deserving. The nomination form was very limiting: In 70 words or less describe why you would like to nominate this person. 70 words, are you kidding me? That cannot even scratch the surface of describing why Hubby is so amazing and deserving. Alas, I tried my best:

My husband is an amazing, selfless, hard-working man and father to 3 amazing boys. He sacrifices so much for us and expects nothing in return for himself. Even with his hard-work, our Christmas is always humble. I know he would like nothing more than to be able to spoil our boys for once and get himself something as well. He deserves that and so much more.

Not my best work, but I tried. So, I figured I should do my best writing and try to actually convey the awesomeness of this man.

To say that my husband is a hard-working, self-less man, and the most amazing husband and father would only scratch the surface.  He is beyond that. He is constantly sacrificing and doing anything and everything he can for his family. From the day I met him, he had a very strong work ethic that he is proud of. He is always willing to work overtime, work on his day off if needed, even work if sick or injured if he can. He hates the time that this can take away from the family, but from a financial standpoint we could always use more money (who couldn’t?) and he will make it if he can.

He is a great father who is constantly striving to teach our boys. He grew up with divorced parents and only saw his Dad on weekends. Then they became estranged. Together we have vowed that will never happen with our family. He is constantly filling their heads with all of the random knowledge that he has. Instead of telling them answers, he works things out with them, shows them, lets them see how, what, or why. He is patient with them. He wants all the things for them that he couldn’t have: the chance to play sports, learn instruments, go on trips, make tons of happy memories.

Hubby is so good to me. Together we made the choice for me to be a stay-at-home mom and I am so grateful for that. At times it is hard and I think I should get a job, but he assures me he can take care of us. He is a yes-husband. Anything and everything I could want or need he says yes. Now that doesn’t mean I get everything, because I am much more realistic and budget conscious than him. But the fact that he says yes and wants me to have it all is wonderful. He supports me; through all of my stress and craziness that I sometimes deal with at home he is always there to listen to me rant or rave. Or to bring me home a drink when mommy realllllly needs a cocktail! We have 3 boys, it happens! He supports my desire to be a surrogate and more and more is getting excited with taking that journey with me next year.

He is a simple man, he doesn’t need or ask for much. I know if he by some chance won, he would immediately start spending the money on our boys, on me, on things we need around the house. If he did spend some on himself, it would be on practical items like new boxers or shoes. And probably a case of beer. He wouldn’t spend on himself, he would splurge on us. But I would make sure he bought something good for himself, or I would take some of the money and buy something for him. Because he is deserving. I love him so much for this, beyond what I can put into words.